Charter To Anywhere In The World.

Trip Support

STAjets Elite Aviation 24-hour dedicated charter and aircraft dispatch center is always available 365 days a year. Each charter representative provides a seamless experience from selecting the most economical aircraft to anticipating unique travel needs and any bookings required for each flight. The flight crew and STAjets staff meticulously manage every detail of your trip so each flight experience exceeds the last.

STAjets Elite Aviation charter and aircraft dispatch center services include:

    • 24-hour dispatchers to handle all booking requirements on every flight

    • Coordinated flight following for any approved client representative

    • Complete passenger and client confidentiality

    • Dedicated account and trip coordinators for each customer

    • eAPIS filing and global handling support

    • Global trip support (over-flight permits, landing permits, airport slots/PPR)

    • Verified pilot experience and training

    • Verified pilot experience and training

    • Confirmed insurance requirements

    • Established credit for quick dispatch ability

    • Qualified travel planners available around the clock

    • Worldwide vacation planning

    • Limo and car rental arrangements

    • Resort, lodging and hotel accommodations

    • Private security and bodyguard detail