professional pilot services

Professional Pilot Services

All aircraft owners can take advantage of the STAjets Professional Pilot Service. Whether it’s a full-time engagement or a day trip, STAjets has a pool of pilots worldwide who can assist on any aircraft anywhere in the world. With one phone call, we’ll be ready at your aircraft to complete any trip. STAjets offers unparalleled international experience, with specialization and firsthand experience flying in Europe, India, the Middle East, Russia, Africa, China, Southeast Asia, and North and South America.

We can supply full-time crews, part-time crews and day-rate pilots for:

    • Private/commercial operations

    • Pilot training/proficiency flights

    • Transition training

    • Transoceanic trips and familiarization

    • Inspection/test/acceptance flights

    • Global aircraft flying

    • Global handling

    • Global ferry/delivery flights

    • Temporary pilot relief

    • No benefits package, employer taxes or workers’ compensation