Global Aircraft Ferrying/Delivery

Global Aircraft Ferrying/Delivery

The STAjets Global Aircraft Ferrying/Delivery service provides a detailed, comprehensive trip plan that covers all requirements for each mission. Our flight operations team ensures all regulatory and operational requirements are met and that each mission obtains all necessary paperwork and validations. STAjets unparalleled international experience includes firsthand experience flying in Europe, India, the Middle East, Russia, Africa, China, Southeast Asia, and North and South America.

Our Aircraft Ferrying/Delivery services include:

    • Flight planning

    • Over-flight/landing permits

    • Regulatory compliance

    • TSA/Customs/handling

    • eAPIS filings

    • Flight following

    • Visas/validations/permits

    • Airfare/accommodations/transportation

    • LOA for RVSM

    • Ferry fuel tank installation and removal

    • Inspection/test/acceptance flights