aircraft non-equity share program

Non-Equity Share Program

Corporations, individuals, families and friends have employed pooling to purchase aircraft for many years. Although there may be an array of benefits to owning an aircraft, it is a proposition that entails a substantial amount of funds, especially if the aircraft is under utilized. Even when parked, bills will keep coming in.

Different approaches to this opportunity have been created including fractional ownership, shared programs, co-ownership and other programs. The STAjets Non-Equity Share Program is designed to offer important advantages through cost savings and sharing.

If you are seeking an ownership interest in a private jet, but cannot justify the expense of owning it outright or cannot find fractional programs that meet your needs, an STAjets Non-Equity Share approach may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Our program is designed to form a group based on the purchase of non-equity shares in the aircraft. Participants do not own a percentage of the aircraft. They share use of the asset and pay usage fees, plus administrative fees.

One private aircraft owner is matched with one to three Non-Equity Share Program participants to form a flying group. Each Non-Equity Share Program participant purchases one non-equity share in the aircraft. Costs are split into fixed and variable costs. Fixed costs are paid by all users equally. Variable costs are based on actual use and are paid by the individuals according to their usage.

Owner Benefits

    • Regular income stream

    • Reduced management and administration cost

    • Substantial reduction in fixed operating cost

    • Reduced annual maintenance cost

NES Participant Benefits

    • No large capital outlay and depreciation costs

    • Lowest entry and use fee

    • Best Value compared to market comparisons

    • Dedicated crew and management team

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