Aircraft Asset Relief

Aircraft Asset Relief

The STAjets Aircraft Asset Relief program is dedicated to helping owners who are having difficulty selling their aircraft or whose aircraft are receiving low usage. In this scenario, corporations and individuals do not require the same amount of corporate lift. However, a decrease in aircraft activity may not mean a decrease in cost. Owning a parked aircraft can result in costly overhead and other headaches. These costs and headaches may also be accompanied by a mortgage, furthering the costs associated with the aircraft.

STAjets launched its Aircraft Asset Relief program to help owners of certain aircraft avoid this situation. Depending on the year, make, model and condition of the aircraft, STAjets can lease or place the aircraft into a contract charter program. STAjets carries letters from several companies dedicating a specific amount of time to certain aircraft that can minimize out-of-pocket expenses. This program is different from a charter management program in that STAjets can assume the majority of the aircraft expenses.

Aircraft Asset Relief Coverage

Please contact a specialist at STAjets for more information based on the specific aircraft involved.

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    • Training costs

    • Crew salary

    • Conformity

    • Light maintenance

    • Specific maintenance

    • Hangar

    • Insurance

    • Management fees

    • Global aircraft relocation

    • Charts